Better Tutors Means Better Preparation!
Sigma with the best English, Math, and Science teacher can help our student.
GPA Management Program
SIGMA GPA Management Program believes that each student has their own pace of learning. So we do a private tutor or small group tutor (about two student max) to enhance each individual’s with ability to develop their study skills and increase academic grade. We give each student with personalized attention, so students get confident in their success. Also we give students the opportunity to get support from the best teacher to improve on their academic grades!
Subjects: -English – Math – Science

College Counseling
SIGMA COLLEGE COUNSELING The Sigma’s College Counselor all have years of experience working in the admission offices of top-tier Universities. Our counselors are dedicated to helping you understand the ins and outs of the admission process. Through our programs, our counselors will help you minimize the stress and focus on what’s important: finding the right school and creating an amazing application.

SIGMA ACT PREP COURSE including: Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. Sigma’s ACT prep course also includes practice exams and review to strengthen test taking skills specific to the ACT. Working with knowledgeable teachers who are ACT experts, students will learn valuable techniques to answer every types of exam questions effectively.
SIGMA SAT PREP COURSE curriculum is designed to develop your skills and build the confidence you need to do your best on test day. This course covers all SAT test taking strategies in addition to practice tests and review. Students will learn time-saving techniques and discover how to spot incorrect answers with ease.

Math LAB & English LAB
SIGMA Math LAB provides a deep understanding of advanced math concepts, but it also helps students develop the ability to solve non-routine problems of all kinds. Sigma Students will develop critical reasoning skills and a genuine understanding of the logical reasoning processes required to solve advanced math problems.
SIGMA English LAB is designed o develop reading and writing skills necessary to excel in school and beyond. Through the program, students will learn the fundamentals of critical reading, critical thinking, grammar, reading and writing.

AMC / Chemistry & Physics Olympiad
SIGMA Olympiad Test Prep Sigma offers Competition Math and Chemistry/ Physics Olympiad tutoring. We will guide students through the entire preparation process and keep track of their progress along the way. The personalized tutoring will begin with an analysis of the test itself and continue with an assessment of strengths and weaknesses in each relevant area. It covers all the areas of the test, addresses each of trouble areas, and make sure that the students are aware of special test-taking strategies of each section of the test.

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